Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles are versatile building materials for a variety of purposes, including hearth tiles and fireplace tiles. They are usually 13 to 19 mm thick and are manufactured using the extrusion process from natural shales or clay. Quarry tiles are made from clay in a manner similar to the manufacture of bricks.
Flame Brown Quarry Hearth Tile

About our Quarry Tile Range

These tiles are shaped from clay, then fired at a high temperatures or around 2,000 F°. Available in flame red or flame brown. Quarry tile are widely used for hearth tiles and floors as extremely durable materials are needed for these purposes. They are equally suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Quarry tiles are sometimes used as a wall finish and also less commonly for countertops, though wide grout joints can make cleaning countertops built in this way quite difficult. Almost all working commercial kitchens specify that a quarry tile to be used owing to its slip resistance and non-porous attributes.