Porcelain Fireplace Tiles

Porcelain Fireplace Tiles in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. Porcelain tiles are manufactured using “porcelain” clays that have characteristic properties. Usually, these tiles are very dense and by definition, they have very low water absorption  (0.5% or less) whereas non-porcelain tiles have water absorption greater than 0.5%. Owing to their low water absorption properties, porcelain tiles are often frost resistant. Porcelain tiles are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of projects. They make superb hearth tiles when used in conjunction with traditional fireplaces or stoves / wood burners.  Available in slate black or slate beige, in the extremely popular 300×300 dimension, these tiles are also excellent materials for use as flooring or as wall tiles.

FireTile have many years of experience helping and advising customers on the most suitable materials for use with their projects, so please browse our range and call us on 01782 281617 if you need help.

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